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NL Texas Hold em

Apr 26
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NL Hold em is one of the most well-liked poker games liked by millions of poker buffs. As the name states, in NL Texas holdem there’s "no limit" for wagering. NL Texas holdem allows players to bet distinct quantity of money in four betting rounds.

That is, players can bet on all of their chips in NL Hold’em. From a beginners point of view it is quite easy to play the casino game. Nevertheless they need to be incredibly careful on how much money they wager. Probably the most essential thing is to take into account probabilities, hand rankings, and odds. It’s easy to learn the rules of the casino game, however to win the game one need to have master the casino game to its subtle intricacies.

NL Holdem rule is same as the ordinary Limit Holdem. The casino game is played with standard 52 cards.

NL Holdem starts with 2 cards dealt to every single gambler. Acknowledged as "Hole Cards", these cards are dealt face down. The first betting round begins after each and every gambler is dealt with hole cards. Same as Limit Holdem, in NL Hold’em also you will discover community cards. Regarded as "The Flop", these cards are placed in the middle of the poker table. The gamblers are allowed to use these cards to produce the greatest possible poker hand.

NL Texas hold’em Forced Wagers

There are usually two forced wagers in No Limit Hold em recognized as the Ante and the Blinds. An Ante wager is usually seen in tournament wager on, in which each and every player will need to place a specified quantity as wager before the game begins. The ante is not counted towards any near future wagers.

According to Holdem rules for Blinds, 2 forced wagers need to be placed by gamblers on every hand. There is certainly a smaller blind in No Limit Texas holdem this is half of the low limit wager size, and a large blind, which is generally identical as the low limit bet size. Prior to each and every hand begins, the gambler positioned immediate left to the dealer is forced to post the "small blind" and the "big blind" is put up by the next gambler towards left. These wagers are regarded as live wagers as the gamblers can select to raise even if nobody else has.

The main aim of the casino game is always to make the very best poker hand using the cards in your hand and the community cards.

The casino game of No Limit Texas holdem will be a test of ones own judgment of character, mathematical skills, and common sense. No Limit Hold em casino game has far more money at stake when compared using the other Limit Hold’em games. The possible gains and losses are also higher than other poker variants. If you’re a skillful player you are able to take far better advantage of No Limit Texas hold’em. Else, it is better to keep off from competitive Hold’em NL games totally.

ID Your Challenger to Boost Value at the Texas Holdem Poker Table

Apr 25
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There are lots of kinds of Texas hold em Poker gambler, and, obviously, many levels of understanding among those players. Texas hold em the card game is similar to pushing spaghetti around a dish – a number of will obtain a lot more, others will acquire less and the house generally takes a portion. The data of cards over time determine that we all have the same chances. The key to maximizing our potential gains is to rapidly recognize your opponent variety and skill level. If it is possible to correctly identify your opponent then you’ll be able to change your betting style to maximize your win, and just as considerably, minimize your loss.

Let us evaluate the various betting designs that you just will come across in an average Hold em Poker cash game. Players will either be:

� Rocks

� Tight Players

� Calling Stations

� Maniacs

And within these styles you’ll find a range of aggression that goes from passive to aggressive. What follows are a number of strategic hints and tips to support you bet on against every form of poker gambler in an on-line environment.


Rocks are the most popular variety of Texas hold em Player. They are the easiest to beat and usually are inexperienced new players who believe the game revolves all-around the cards which are dealt. It’s also probably the most natural wagering design and so you are going to are available across them regularly. These would be the folks you ought to appearance to bet on against. Controlled aggression could be the method to proceed. Wager at these gamblers when flops search ugly and they will most likely fold. If they re-raise you in return, step aside and let them take the hand, coming appropriate back at them subsequent round. A rock who has been sitting folding the last 20 hands, only to are available out betting, may be the easiest examine of all. If you can’t see them coming then I’d recommend you take up a different game.

Tight Players

Tight gamblers are usually battle hardened. The difference between a tight gambler and a rock is the fact that they understand the need to are available out much more typically, with the occasional bluff here and there. Additional importantly they usually use the time spent sitting out, to determine opponent characteristics so that you can wager on their weaknesses. The finest of all players sit in this category – Tight Aggressive No Limit Texas hold’em players have to be identified early on and avoided in any way cost. Locate one and you ought to re-examine your table selection (yes you really should move table). Real life examples of this type of player would be Howard Lederer and Erick Lindgren.

Calling Stations

Calling stations present an interesting betting style and are the 2nd most typical type you will find in online poker. By definition pretty weak, these players rarely take the initiative and thereby ought to depend on the luck of running up against an intense gambler although holding the nut or near nut hand. More frequently than not these folks will lose because they are:

One) Wagering their cards and not their adversary
Two) Have no initiative

Three) Routinely count on card catching strategies

It’s worth pointing out at this stage that card catching is really a negative idea in almost any circumstances (except as part of a semi-bluff play).


Maniacs are a rare breed of gambler seldom observed in low limit or tournament Hold em Poker games. They have no fear of losing, indeed it’ll appear like they wish to, and it’s this that sets them apart from most gamblers online today. Hard to bet on against, these opponents count on your fear of losing your stack to gain chips. Usually witnessed with big chip stacks relative to the table, Maniacs will bet substantial on a regular basis, and whatever hand you select to wager on, it is probably that you simply will have being prepared to go all-in with it. No card catching towards these competitors – in the event you try you will be punished.

The identification of Maniacs is easy, as is your assault on their wagering style. Clearly the weakness these players have is that they are susceptible to substantial pocket pairs (Ace-Ace, King-King, Queen-Queen, even Ace-King). The issues is that you just will most likely ought to wait a excellent quantity of cards before you have to wager on such a hand. Maniacs are far from stupid (they often evolve in experience terms from Rocks or Calling Stations that have study Doyle Brunson’s Super System books and progressed from there. To hit them correctly you need to either acquire lucky early on with the big pair or play sufficient cards so you aren’t identified as a waiting Rock (obviously you do not want them to get out of your way when the time is suitable).

When you beat an intense Maniac once, you are going to find they go on Tilt actually easily, which provides further opportunity for the brave. I remember hitting one for 800 dollars from two hundred dollars in 3 hands because he went all-in three times in a row with no cards at all. He incorrectly judged that I would fold rather than re-stake my whole winnings on each of the following two poker hands. Thankfully for me they were relatively solid starting hands in the circumstances but I can tell you it is not easy going all-in pre-flop for five hundred dollars with just King Jack. I would be mad to do that in any other circumstance except I felt I had a very good read about the player variety and his hand which turned out being 92 unsuited did not stand up.

Hopefully you will observe playing designs and search to pick off Rocks and Calling Stations. When you appear up versus a tight (particularly Tight Aggressive) gambler, with no other easy to beat gamblers all-around, you should move on. I have been at quite a few tables where the bad players have lost and left, the fine ones remain, and one off those triggers the table’s break up by saying "no simple money here, the only winner will be the rake, let us move on." If you’ve not had this said to you, or you have not made the statement yourself then take into account that you just may be a fish.

Texas Hold em Poker: Lingo, Terms, and Table Language

Apr 22
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Hold’em has turn out to be the darling of the poker scene, and quite a few are rushing to discover the foundations for this popular poker game. Should you aren’t familiar with a number of of the terms used in Texas holdem, you may perhaps be at a loss for understanding its rules. To have a firm grip on the foundations for Hold em, it’s a beneficial move on your part to be familiar with some of the terms used earlier than jumping into the actual how you can of the game.

Very first, let us cover the kinds of Holdem poker games. You’ll find 3 principal types, and depending on locality, there may be slight changes of the principles inside just about every sort of poker game. For the sake of simplicity, we will target the three primary kinds of Texas holdem.

Fixed Restrict Texas hold em is often a game exactly where the betting is set inside of a specific monetary range. As an example, you may see games played where the wagering is constrained from the 5 dollar, to ten dollar range. This would indicate that the bets are restricted to 5 dollars in the pre-flop and flop, and restricted to 10 dollars in the turn and river.

Pot limit Hold’em has a form of restricted wagering also, nonetheless it is not predetermined earlier than the game. The reduce in Pot limit Holdem is confined to the sum currently in the pot. This allows the wagering reduce to increase as the pot increases.

No Reduce Hold’em is wherever you’ll come across the betting is only restricted to the sum the players are willing to bet. You will find no set betting limits in this game. If bet inside a casino, gamblers might be restricted on how usually they can increase inside of every single game. No Reduce Texas hold em is most often bet by the experienced gamblers with high bank rolls.

Now that we’ve covered the sorts of Hold em, let’s have down to the terminology used in all of those games.

Blind wager: The blind bet would be the wager made by gamblers before the cards are dealt for the round. Blind wagers are usually produced by the initially 2 players to the left of the croupier.

Call: When a player matches the bet of another player, it is referred to as a call.

Verify: When a gambler "checks", they are not placing a bet. When a player checks they’re opting to not place a bet. A verify can only occur if there have been no other bets placed in the round. Checking implies that the gambler chooses not to bet, except still stays in the game.

Fold: When a player folds, they are quitting the existing game and will no longer be placing any wagers on that game. They will continue bet on to the subsequent deal.

Increase: To increase merely implies you’re wagering far more than the last player.

All In: To go "All In" signifies the gambler is betting every thing they have in your hand.

Croupier Button: The croupier button is actually a token used to determine who the existing dealer is and who is to place the blind bets. It is passed in a clockwise direction to the subsequent player after each round.

Pre-Flop: This can be the quite initial round of Hold’em. The croupier gives each and every gambler 2 cards, which are called pocket cards.

Flop: This can be the second round of Hold’em poker, and is when the initially three communal cards are placed encounter up to the table. These communal cards could be used by all of the players to create the best 5 card hands.

Turn: The 3rd round of Holdem is referred to as the turn. It is this round in which a fourth communal card is put face up.

River: That is the last round of Texas hold’em. A 5th communal card is put face up around the poker table in this round.

Now that you are acquainted with Holdem terms, you are ready to receive down to the business of understanding the rules. May Lady Luck be with you!

Poker Controls My World

Apr 21
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Like an old bottle of whisky, the extraordinary interest in poker has become additional intense and fascinating over the years. Currently we see poker working into our way of lifestyle via just about every medium imaginable. From tvs, the internet, taxis, magazines, billboards and sponsorship, there’s not a single avenue that gambling dens, and far more importantly, on line gambling houses have not used to their fullest advantage in order to seize a new generation of poker gamblers.

Except of all the mediums, the web-based arena has ultimately turn out to be poker’s very best ambassador. With a sea of internet based gambling houses realising an untapped market of new players waiting to learn and play this casino game of ability, and poker enthusiasts using blogs to create their very own community of like minded people to share their very own experiences, on line poker has brought an unparalleled synergy to the world of communications resulting in a flourishing multibillion dollar business.

Poker web sites, have not only utilised every advertising and marketing and advertising device readily available at their disposable both on the web and offline, they are also growing their marketing strategies to encompass household objects these kinds of as oven mitts, aprons or coasters as an example as component of their tangible brand offering. Other people such as Golden Palace gain notoriety by purchasing shock items on eBay or supporting crazy stunts that guarantee a reference in the morning paper; or internet sites these kinds of as that spread their brand name through internet based spamming tactics. This sort of low-cost tricks may well assist them stand out from the myriad of poker web-sites out there except customers these days are becoming for savvy about where they wish to invest their money and are as a result dubious about their integrity as a legitimate place to trust when gambling. Many sources have commented that such sites taint the reputation on the web betting industry presently in its infancy and as a result, destiny legislations that are still being designed are going to severely harm rather than protect other additional reputable companies.

With key developments in hardware and software technology, improved bandwidths and elevated sophistication in internet security, the understanding of wagering games like poker has been taken to higher true time platform. Games right now are so customised and interactive that it is nearly like wagering in a true casino but without the frilly distractions. The net also enables time starved players to play 24/7 with out needing to trek to a casino just to bet on a casino game of cards. With convenience and continuous accessibility of gamers from around the world, gamers’ talent levels and expectations in turn have increased, thus raising the global bar of poker. This has been noticed with the rise and extraordinary coverage of tournaments such as the World series of poker and Extreme Poker to name except a few. These properly publicized and televised games have brought poker to the masses with famous people further delivering a sense of glamour and aspiration to the game. It has thus cemented its appeal to a younger generation that currently view Poker not as an old man’s game but a very trendy and exciting pastime.

Organisations have realized the limitless possibilities of using poker as a lucrative branding tool. Businesses this sort of as Endemol, who own personal the "Big Brother" Tv show, Playboy as effectively as rap stars this kind of as Ja Rule are all setting up their very own net poker sites to expand their brands so that they are not just supplying a product or service except a lifestyle ideal for their consumers.

Furthermore, variants in poker have transcended to other games this kind of as slot machines and video slot machines poker allowing betting houses to increase their arsenal of games and quench this craze. is one these kinds of net poker corporation that aims to satisfy this insatiable need for people to understanding all things poker.

Thus with the wide availability of several advertising and marketing tools and the greater use of the web medium to capture an untouched demographic, its seems that poker and all poker related products and services are here to stay and will have a profound impact on everyday life. It will be up to the individual to choose the extent of its effect on their life.

Best Poker Room

Apr 19
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If you are shopping for the leading poker space online, you’re shopping at a quantity of factors: pay out rate, ease of wager on, good interface, and good customer service. The last one need to not be underestimated. It really is critical for a top rated poker space to have great customer service if something goes wrong with your software or in case you are not paid what you’re owed. A great online gambling establishment will have a 24-hour support operation- telephone, email or both.

In fact, customer program is often a fine indication if the online betting house is reputable. Nowadays it really is easier to set up an online gambling den that looks on the up and up: it looks as high-tech as other sites. The web site might have not been around for really long and doesn’t make fine on payments. Check around in online forums to see if there are any complaints about the casino.

If you’re looking for a best poker room in a land-based casino, you’ll be able to use the net to search out the far better rooms at Las Vegas gambling dens, Atlantic City, or another location. It’s not very as easy to setup a brick and mortar gambling establishment as it really is an web gambling establishment-to the tune of millions of dollars-so you can be pretty specific that a leading poker space at a physical gambling den will be legitimate.

At a leading poker room-whether real or virtual-you will have the opportunity to wager on with a few of the greatest gamblers in the game, perhaps even celebrity players. A best poker space becomes "top" to get a reason: it brings in the greatest gamblers with the most competitive bet on, and the widest variety of tournament wager on, possibly with multi-player games and good payouts.

Here’s an Easy Exercise to Improve Your Texas Hold’em Play

Apr 19
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Numerous beginning Texas hold em players develop a wagering style which is tight except weak. Maybe they have learned the value of betting only a select couple of starting hands. Tightening up their commencing hand requirements has the effect of improving the beginning player’s results. They typically boost from a losing gambler to a break even or slightly succeeding gambler at the lower limits.

The trouble is that the tightness the new player has developed with far more selective commencing hands bleeds over into their flop and post flop play. Such tight-weak bet on causes them to fold as well frequently during the latter betting rounds. They often see "monsters under the bed" whenever an opposing gambler wagers or raises. Such a timid approach can spell disater particularly when the pot has grown large.

We all know how difficult it is always to acquire a beneficial strong hand in Texas hold’em. Nevertheless we might tend to forget that it’s just as difficult for our opponents to draw a beneficial hand. We may be rolling along using a great except not great hand and receive stopped in our tracks when a scare card comes along. Sure, our opponent may possibly have just drawn out on us. Or, he or she may well just be using the scare card to represent a big hand.

There are lots of factors which will enter into your response to your opponent’s action. Those actions are beyond the scope of this article. Except, if you recognize you are backing down to heat all as well frequently; try this easy work out. It may be really eye opening. Here’s the physical exercise: obtain a pack of cards and deal a round of Hold’em face up. Notice how number of hands are actually great starters. Discover how quite a few are junk.

Now think back to all those games you’ve played in which four or 5 players were usually in the pot. There was a lot of junk being wagered, wasn’t there? There was a whole lot of chasing going on, wasn’t there? Now turn more than three cards for the flop. How numerous hands missed the flop entirely? Wager on via the hand. At times a great but not wonderful hand holds up, often it doesn’t.

Also, discover how often or how rarely that scare card matches up with any of the starting hands. You’ll receive a great idea of how very difficult it is to fill a straight or flush. After you play around with this workout for a bit, you’ll likely understand that there happen to be several times in your past play that you simply need to have stayed having a hand. You may perhaps also see that there are already occasions wherever you could have successfully represented a big hand for your opponents.

Playing a number of face up rounds of Texas hold em can actually be an eye opening exercising. It may support drive home some lessons that you simply already knew but never genuinely applied. Of course, there are still situations exactly where you’ll need to lay down that hand. But if timid wager on is your downfall, this easy workout can aid enhance your bet on and aggressiveness.

First Actions in the Realm of Net Poker

Apr 17
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Poker Principles

In case you have in no way bet poker ahead of, you might like to take a appear at our Poker Hands page, also peep in our Poker Ideas section. To dive deeper into the principles of the various poker game check out these pages: Hold em poker, Omaha hold’em Poker, five-seven Card Stud poker. This short poker guidelines guide is built for internet based poker players: After the ten places are taken, the web based poker casino game will start and you will be given a seat.

The wager on begins soon after the croupier button (marked ‘D’) with 2 web based poker gamblers making blind bets, the tiny blind and the big blind. Two cards are dealt to each internet poker gambler. The net poker gambler right away following the large blind is 1st to act.

When it truly is your turn you might have the selection to call, bring up or fold. Should you be the small blind you could have already placed half of the quantity essential within your blind bet to see any more cards, should you be the large blind you might have already placed the amount essential to check out the flop unless a web poker player raises prior to it truly is your turn. If there’s a boost you might have the alternative to re-raise, call or fold.

The Flop: Three community cards are dealt encounter up. Each on-line poker player at the table who didn’t fold just before the flop can now use these cards to support their poker hand, there is a different round of gambling at this stage. If nobody wagers you are able to merely examine and see the following card without having placing any more money into the pot. A wager must be referred to as or raised in case you wish to determine the subsequent card, otherwise you must fold.

The Turn: A 4th community card is dealt face up. Again, just about every internet poker player still in the hand can verify, bet, call, bring up or fold depending on the actions of others.

The River: A 5th and final community card is dealt face up. Here we see the last wagering action. If a bet is manufactured by one internet poker gambler and referred to as by yet another, both web-based poker players must turn over their cards and the winner is decided.

If at any stage a wager is made except not referred to as, the particular person betting takes the whole pot, this particular person has the decision to show his cards or merely pass them back to the dealer (identified as mucking) As soon as the winner is made the decision, a new hand starts, the dealer button is moved one location clockwise. The blinds will increase usually right after a set period of time. After the final individual is eliminated, the prize money is shared out and the internet poker game is complete.

How to Master Low Limit Holdem, Part Two – The Internet Poker Game

Apr 17
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I continue my articles about learning to master on-line poker at low limit stakes. In the last write-up I wrote about the possibility of succeeding in a gambling house. So it is possible to ask why poker is different.

In web based poker you don’t bet on towards the betting house, you play in opposition to other gamblers!

That’s why your probability of winning (not losing) is so distinct than in the case of casino games.

A number of additional thoughts: Obviously the betting house has its revenue on this game too, but this just isn’t a prize rather a fix or percentage fee. You are able to imagine this fee like a hosting fee for the game. Live betting houses used to collect hourly fees but about the net there’s the so-called "rake". It indicates that at the end of every single hand the betting house gets a number of percentage of the prize (the pot).

Back to the point, the poker just isn’t wagered against the betting house it truly is played towards other players. That’s why there is certainly no system determined in advance against which you can’t acquire, the possibility of winning only depends on your game play and the wagering style of your competitors.

So if you wish to acquire you’ve got to pay attention to 2 things:

  • You need to wager on far better and better.
  • You need to bet on with weaker opponents.

The initial point goes with out saying except let us talk concerning the second. What if everybody at the table plays using the very same knowledge? Depending on the hand one will acquire a bit then other will gain except in the long run nobody will win. The gambling house will collect the rake so all of them will lose. It means that you can earn if the difference of the average expertise of the other players and your expertise is bigger than the rake. ( Because you might have to pay for the rake).

How can you succeed then? The 2 extreme cases are:

  • You are the best poker player for the world.
  • You bet on only with someone who does not even know the rules.

Regrettably none of the cases seem to achieve easy, but there’s no need to. It’s sufficient should you take into consideration them at the very same time. When that you are a new gambler try to uncover competitors weaker than you, and should you gets a lot of understanding you can attempt with stronger competitors.

You are able to say here that it really is ethical to receive the money of a weaker gambler? Well, let us see this question from another point of view. Those who read this posting want to acquire money in the poker. So we can see this like a business. And in the business planet you will find competitors. And in the business globe the weak will become bankrupt. A little bit cynical? Yes. But that’s what the poker about.

5 Abetter Poker Tricks to Capturing Blinds Prior to the Flop

Apr 14
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Successfully stealing blinds in Texas hold’em poker can be a secret weapon of numerous poker pros. Nevertheless, like anything else this is actually a learned skill and one that takes as much know-how as it does experience.

To be in a position to consistently grab blinds from your poker competitors you must master these five insider poker secrets.

One. Be Aggressive

Initial and foremost it is possible to not win and take blinds if you are not an aggressive player. If you might be overly conservative and wait for only the greatest palms and monsters to bet on you will never be in a position to take blinds.

Around the flip side, if you are too aggressive and attempt to grab blinds every single time you are going to have called and risk losing your chip stack. Decide on your spots.

Two. Reading Your Opponents

You also must have a read on your opponents. When I bet on it only takes a few hands prior to I can obtain a read on my competitors. Sometimes I misread but which is rare.

Once you understand what your opponents do a on a consistent basis you’ll be able to pick the appropriate time to go over the top or place a big sufficient bet to get them to fold and take their blinds.

3. Understanding Your Position

If you are playing at a full table it’s greatest to take blinds when you are on the button. Generally later in a very tournament when the blinds are obtaining bigger and a lot more expensive for people to receive into the hand they will fold to you. When that occurs lay a bet 3-seven times the huge blind and watch them fold their blinds to you all day long.

4. What is Your Chip Stack

If you are the short stack stealing blinds may be your saving grace. At the exact same time, nonetheless, it can be your death.

Should you raise large or go all in for five palms in a very row someone is bound to call you. So you far better have some thing to bet on with. Nonetheless, in the event you do it periodically odds are you may grab the blinds on a steady basis.

When you are the chip leader go nuts! You will likely be able to bully people around and steal their blinds nearly at will. Certain every single now and then you’ll have known as and beat except you are going to have the chips to gamble with.

Five. Are the Blinds Worth Stealing?

Early inside a tournament or a sit-n-go game the blinds are so modest that they are not worth stealing. Wait until the blinds grown larger and can really produce a difference to your chip stake.

Finally, bear in mind in case you rob the blinds one time around on a full table you are going to be in great shape. When the blinds start to rise you’ll be able to get started to rob far more and actually generate it beneficial to your chip stack.

Play Poker on the Net

Apr 6
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Regardless if you are aware of how to play poker at present or are just beginning to learn, you should try internet poker! Many folks today like to compete in poker on the web for entertainment and excitement. You never know whom you will play against in a net poker site. Some sites even have poker professionals who play poker on the net every now and again.

To compete in poker online, you will have to create an account at a poker web site. This does not involve putting any cash into the poker room – nearly all sites offer no cost memberships. You’ll get an amount of free chips with which to bet with. Usually, it is 1,000 chips. If you run out of chips, you can renew them after a bit of time – 10 mins or so. You are able to pick small limit tables or high limit tables to compete at in.

There are a good many various types of poker you can bet on on the net. When you gamble on poker online, you are able to frequently choose from No Limit Texas Hold’em, Limit Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Pot Limit Omaha, Omaha Hi Lo, 7 Card Stud, Stud Hi Lo Razz, and HORSE. If you are not clear on how to bet on poker, most of the sites offer tutorials that will teach you the essential basics of the game. You can even observe other people play to help you pickup the game prior to starting to play poker online.